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A study of the existing co-treatment of fecal sludge and sewage in the sewage treatment plant at Ukkadam, Coimbatore

Project information

  • Principal Investigators:
    Dr. S. Kanmani, Director & Professor
    Dr. Kurian Joseph, Professor
  • Co- Principal Investigators:
    Dr. S. Amalraj , Professor
    Dr. A. Merline Sheela , Assistant Professor
    Dr. K. Soundaranayaki , Assistant Professor
  • Project Background:
    • The sewage treatment plant at Ukkadam has a treatment capacity of 70 MLD, Coimbatore but only 30 MLD is utilized at present.
    • The presence of treatment capacity of 40 MLD enabled the performance of co-treatment of fecal sludge at Ukkadam STP.
    • The impact of co-treatment of fecal sludge with sewage on performance of STP was investigated

  • Deliverables: Technical Recommendations/guidance for Coimbatore City Municiplal Corporation for Upgradation of Ukkadam STP