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Occurence, fate and risk based remediation of veterinary antibiotics in agricultural environments

Project information

  • PrincipalInvestigator:Dr. Saranya Kuppusamy,
    Ramanujan Fellow (Scientist D/ Assistant Professor Equivalent)
  • Funding Agency: DST-SERB Govt. of India
  • Period: 2018-2023
  • Background:
    • Globally, besides human medicine, veterinary antibiotics (VAs) are widely used in the agricultural sector.
    • VAs are usually poorly sorbed in the animal gut, and the majority are excreted unchanged or as their recalcitrant metabolites in faeces and urine.
    • Increasing use of animal wastes as manures in agriculture is posing threat to the environment and human health.
    • Limited efforts had been made till date to understand about the occurrence, fate and behavior of VAs in agricultural soils, especially in India.
    • Indeed large knowledge gaps still exists concerning VAs decontamination and thereby limit its resistance development in the terrestrial system.

  • Objectives:
    In this project, for the first time in India, we firstly focus on the following:
    • Identification of VAs contamination and occurrence of VAs-resistant bacteria/genes in agricultural environments
    • Understanding the fate and risks of VAs in the agricultural environment
    • Development of sustainable, remediation strategies for preventing VAs spread, persistence and resistance development in the soils of agricultural fields

  • Product Oriented Delivery:
    • Bioproduct that remediate VAs in the contaminated soil/water/wastewater