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Converting inert Waste/ Bioearth to Bioamendments / Biofertilizers - Pilot Projects at Legacy Waste Dumpling Site in Tamil Nadu

Project information

  • Principal Investigator: Dr. S. Kanmani, Professor & Director
  • CO-Principal Investigators:
    Dr. Saranya Kuppusamy, Ramanujan Fellow (Scientist D)
    Dr. A. Merline Sheela, Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)
    Ms. B. Manimekalai, Assistant Professor (Sl. Gr.)
    Ms. M. S. Keerthana Rani, Assistant Professor
  • Funding Agency: Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  • Period: 2021-2023
  • Project Highlights:
    • Of late, the need for land has aroused due to growing population and municipalities including panchayats in TN are looking for a sound technological option for managing the dumpsite inert waste as well.
    • If dump site inert waste is economically utilized it will reduce the expansion of landfills in TN.
    • Hence, we focus on converting dumpsite inert waste as a nutrient dense soil amendment especially as biofertilizer.

  • Deliverables:
    • Product - Nutrient rich soil amendment
    • Technology - Sustainable Green innovative technology for converting dumpsite inert waste/ bioearth to biproducts
    • Services – Guidelines for managing dumpsite inert waste/ bioearth

  • Beneficiaries/ Target Populations: Government bodies – Municipalities/ Corporations/ Town Panchayats; Public; Farmlands; Institutes